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Injuries and illnesses are never convenient. Sand Canyon Urgent Care in Irvine, CA is ready to see you at your convenience, walk-ins welcome, no appointment necessary. Our experienced physicians and compassionate staff treat both young and old, and take care of a variety of conditions.


Urgent Care

Primary Injury Care

Injuries and potential broken bones e.g. arm, leg, wrist, ribs will be assessed, treated and referred to a specialist as needed. We have an onsite x-ray room to serve you quickly.

Flu Shots and Flu Treatment

Travel Vaccinations

Our physicians are skilled in providing you with comprehensive travel medicine consultations, including recommendations for all the immunizations necessary to protect you on your journey. We utilize up-to-date information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). You will be advised about prescription medications needed to prevent or treat malaria, traveler's diarrhea, sea-sickness, altitude sickness and other conditions you may encounter on your trip. We are your one stop travel medicine resource!

Please call 949.417.0272 for the availability of the following vaccines:

X-Ray and Lab Services

Occupational Medicine

Workers Compensation

Our doctors are skilled in providing your employees with the best medical care possible. We are well versed in workers compensation care, and understand the importance of getting your employee back to work as soon as possible and minimizing lost productive days. Over 95% of injured workers seen at our clinic return to work the same day as their initial visit, either on full or limited duty.

We are preferred providers for the State Compensation Insurance Fund, the largest workers compensation carrier in California. We are also preferred providers in a number of other workers compensation programs. Our reputation with their providers gives you peace of mind knowing that your employees are being cared for by physicians who clearly understand the nuances of industrial medicine.

Your employees won't have long wait times at our clinic: 95% of initial visits take less that 90 minutes, and follow-up visits routinely take less that 30 minutes.

Our staff is skilled at case management for difficult and complicated injuries. When that difficult injury comes along, which doesn't improve as expected, or which needs specialty care, our doctors and staff are knowledgeable in referring your employee to specialists who routinely care for workers compensation patients and can offer the best service.

If one of your employees arrives at the clinic with an injury or illness that our physician feels is too serious for the clinic setting, we will send the patient to the hospital for emergency care, and we will not bill for our initial screen evaluation at the urgent care. Sand Canyon Urgent Care is your best resource for workers compensation care.


Sand Canyon Urgent Care
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